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The Birth of Aalgamash

Some of Anger's children are giant and aflame, great hideous creatures resembling demons of legend. Aalgamash is one such being: of almost obsidian blackened skin and wreathed in flame, many times taller than any mortal.

It is said the demon gods Anger and Perversion conspired to create this monstrous creature. They bound a concubine, and planting a child within her belly forced an unnaturally long pregnancy upon her. As the pregnancy lasted, her stomach grew to colossal proportions; Perversion's cambion attended her, keeping her within the realm of the living with concoctions and surgery and force-feeding her enormous amounts of food to sustain the voracious beast that gestated within. Eventually her great son Aalgamash burst forth, the birth room awash with flame and the engorged concubine perished


Christopher cant the birth of aalgamash 1000

The Birth of Aalgamash