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Auric Pen-Draig, Emperor of Crown-Nidea

Emperor Auric Pen Draig, Sovereign of the Nidean Empire and High Lord of Grand Clade Regis

Second-born son of Nidas; The Favoured Son; Imperator; Prince among Princes.

After Nidas witnessed Auric's aptitude and passion for politics, Auric was groomed to rule the empire in his stead and govern its peoples, despite being second in line of succession to the Morningthrone after his brother Amac.

When Emperor Nidas was brought low, Auric ascended the steps of the Sanctum Monarchia and seated himself in the Morningthrone, superseding his elder brother Amac. Thus was the War Among Princes set in stone.


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Auric Pen-Draig, Emperor of Crown-Nidea