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The Crimson Dagger

The Crimson Daggers are a loosely affiliated group of mercenaries, united only by 1 philosophy: that mastery of the art of killing is the only thing worth pursuing. Each of them is a virtuoso with their chosen methods, ranging from brutal front-line warriors to shadow-skulking assassins, deft with the poisoned blade. They usually contract themselves to the highest bidder, detached from the greater problems of the continent through purity of their single, deadly purpose.

When a man declares himself a Dagger, he drops his Clade name, forsaking the values of his house, and assumes the name of his favoured weapon. There are known to be many Daggers out in the world, among them Joll the Glaive, Volon the Broad and Mysander the Bastard who currently harass the enemies of Sensburg.